80k Rigger Lift ==> Taking out Machine Base from Hole


This was the first job we did with the our 60-80k forklift. It was a simple and low responsibility scrap job. A customer called us a few times wanting to remove a big old machine base from a hole in the ground. It was a perfect time to practice using this big forklift. This base was very large in size and about 11 feet diameter.

Preparation is key for everything, so we filled the low spot with heavy wood timbers and put a 1" steel plate on top of the wood. Drove the forklift on the newly made approach and blocked the wheels so it would not accidentally roll into the hole. Taking the base then was a matter of proper rigging with 1/2" chains, choking the forks and so on.

This base was an oversize load and I had to get a separate trucking permit for it.

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