CM Tire Shredder


We recently had to unload and install a CM tire shredder. What was interesting is that it was extremely heavy (46,000 lbs). It also had to be installed, with two conveyors (infeed and outfeed), in a pretty low building. It was, as usual, not without complications, due to unlevel everything and poor concrete. But we are chicago riggers used to that sort of thing.

This place is a old-style "startup", people starting a real life business in hope of earning profits. A cavernous ugly building, in an industrial area smelling of moldy cheese, piles of tires, and very motivated Palestinian owners.

It is not a glamorous business. If they are asked at a party, with computer programmers and lawyers present, what they do for a living, and answer "tire recycling", the would not likely draw a lot of admiration. And yet, it is possible that they are richer than the other party attendees. Like many other unglamorous business, it is possible that they will earn a shipload of money while engaging in activity that most people find to be supremely unattractive. Other such similar businesses, dirty and unappealing to most, are porta potty rental, scrap metal, and crematoriums.

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