Clean Burn CB2800 Furnace


I always wanted to have a oil fired furnace. I go to auctions and companies and used oil is usually free for the taking. Unfortunately, oil fired furnaces are very expensive to buy and I did not feel like spending the money. Finally, I was able to buy one in this online auction.

I bought it sight unseen and it looked very bad. But, I figured, for $400 with BP I could make it work. It was bumped in a few places and extremely dirty. When we cleaned it up, it turned out that the dings were all superficial and did not damage any internals. In addition, to my shock, the furnace had only 7 hours on the original riveted in hourmeter.

What was wrong with it was that the compressed air solenoid valve was rusted and not operational, so we had to clean it up. That fixed it. Figuring out how to run the furnace also took a while due to my inexperience, but as of now it is proven to be working. We will soon install it and I will update this page.

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