Plasma Table


Here we had to go to Chicago to unload a plasma table. The weird thing about this plasma table is that unloading instructions called for a "5,000 lbs forklift with 8 foot forks". This is slightly ridiculous and 8 foot forks almost do not exist for 5,000 lbs forklifts (class II forks).

The plasma table itself was only 2,000 lbs or so. But it was long and inside a box truck, as you can see.

Not to disappoint our customer, I modified my fork extensions so that they can be put on forks half way. I cut off the "ears" and welded then again, so that they hold the fork extensions to the bottom of the forks.

The work itself took exactly one hour, but the welding took another 1.5 hours. There was little room, unloading under Chicago L-track, and so I had to take my pickup truck and a small trailer and my smallest forklift.

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