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Chicago Machinery Movers is located 5 miles west of Chicago, IL. We provide industrial machinery moving services to small and midsize businesses in Chicagoland. We try to be price competitive without compromising quality. Call us at 630-235-6603 to get a machinery moving quote from a leading mover.

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Machinery Moving Capabilities

Our equipment is

Call us at 630-235-6603 to get a machinery moving quote.

Chicago Riggers and Rigging Services

We do not simply bring our equipment and let it do the job. We are not an equipment rental shop. We are Chicago riggers and specialize in rigging -- solving problems that our customers have. For example, recently we had a job to raise a gantry of a large wood router by 2 inches. The gantry could not be easily approached by a forklift due to its placement. Other movers offered to bring huge boom lifts to reach the gantry, with the price to match the size of the proposed equipment. Instead, we proposed to bring a jacking system (that we built ourselves a while ago) and raised the gantry in under two hours. We got paid well and the customer was happy, because we did it right away, safely and in a very straightforward way.

We provide machinery moving services in Chicago, Elmhurst, Elk Grove Village machinery movers, Aurora, Addison, Bensenville, Schaumburg, Broadview, Melrose Park and many more! See us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus!

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